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I thought it was a good, fast practice today.
But he is a great player, and you expect a great player to play great.
Harbaugh, who has a .620 winning percentage, a Super Bowl title and 11 playoff wins in 13 seasons in Baltimore, employs one of the most creative offenses and defenses in the NFL while also staffing one of the league’s most robust and powerful analytics outfits, Orr wrote.
You know it when you see it, because you’ve seen it so many times before, and you know something that’s different and unique.
Everyone had their obstacles.
We did alright.

Not to wear a mask is awesome – not in like a … I’m not against masks.
We’re ready to go out there and execute it, regardless of what plays they call, whatever the scheme might be.
Under DeCosta, however, a trade down is more likely.

Micah Hyde will lead the Bills pass defense and Von Miller will spearhead Denver’s defense on Sunday.
Guys knowing each other’s tendencies and now they’re on custom baseball jerseys sideline.
We have the ‘Wolfpack’ – that’s a good anchor.

They need to be able to run the football effectively to keep the defenses honest and that was a great effort by them today.
How well you play during that, that determines the success that football jersey designs have.
So, he’s a possibility to be active in this game based the numbers.
I just have a great affinity for our guys, and I see what they do, how they play and I think at the end of the day, some of it is a result of team success as well.
That was probably the tightest playoff game going into overtime, the ups and downs, said Lorenzo Alexander in his 15 NFL seasons.

We’ll look at the film, correct what we need to correct, and we’ll be ready to go.
And then, sitting back and watching his success, watching how hard he worked, and just being able to see the path that he’s about to start, I just want to be a part of that.
So, I feel like the chances are a lot lower – they’re still there – but it’s a lot lower, and I feel like as long as I’m washing my hands regularly, not touching my face and wearing my mask, I should be OK.
I’ve been pleasantly encouraged by some of the younger players and the growth that they’ve made, DeCosta said.

If Knox becomes a threat in the receiving game — and if Allen keeps developing — I like where the offense is headed.
But in regards to their defensive philosophy, I’m just ready.
Right now, we’re trying to knock the rust off, so personalized baseball jersey can begin to play more spontaneous in their reactions.
Jared Goff – 31 attempts, 270 yards 3.

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