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Rev. Fr. Sukden Lepcha (Principal)

From Principal’s Desk

True meaning of education is to create an ambient suitable which not only helps children to learn well but also inspires them for self-realization, exploring their inner potency. St. Joseph’s School Kingston, Rhenock, East Sikkim leaves no stone unturned to meet these objectives and thus offer multitude and adequate opportunities to the students.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela
We strongly believe in quality education for better society. If there is one thing that can change the world, it is education and schools are the pillars of formal education. St. Joseph’s School imparts the best formal education to its students. We not only teach but also inspire.
We have been witnessing social challenges in everyday basis. Hence, we need physically tuff, emotionally strong and mentally capable individuals to neutralize these challenges and make difference in the society. This School offers holistic growth to its students wherein, each child is considered to be an important individual and above all a gift from God. Therefore, we train our students with delicacy to be mentally alert, physically agile, emotionally stable, socially amiable and morally upright. We put equal emphasis on academics, sports and value based life skill activities. As a result, the students learn to make the right choices, and thereby naturally give heart and soul to their set goals which eventually brings happiness, joy and peace in their life.
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.
We also focus on experiential process of learning whereby students learn through experiences and active participation so that the lesson is easily assimilated. The students are taught public speaking skills. We provide appropriate platform to display their budding talents which enables children to explore their hidden talent and bloom to their fullest potential.
“Education is shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”- Bob Beauprez.
St. Joseph’s School Rhenock, being a missionary school, entails the support and love from local authorities, well-wishers and friends since its inception. We have qualified, trained and experienced teaching faculty members who motivate students for higher things. Thus, they are here to provide the best modern education to suite the present standard of the education system of the country. My prayers and love to each member of this beautiful family. ‘Once a Josephite, always a Josephite’.
God Bless You